2017 Rocket Race Schedule

April 9th - AHRMA/Potomac Vintage Riders Cross Country Click here , scroll down and click the North Atlantic Cross Country page. Bring your cameras! These bikes are gold.

May 13th - The Master of Motocross return to rule Rocket. This series has grown over the years with special appeal to the Vet riders and brings lots of racers to the gate.

June 3rd and 4th - ECEA/GMER present The AMA East Broken Anvil at Rocket. Get all the info at ecea.org and gmer.us. This Hare Scramble will represent riders from fare and wide. Rocket's Loop will not disappoint.

Rocket's HS course was created and perfected over the years by many riders of the GMER club. Together they have cut and maintained a challenging course from year to year, and putting on well run events time after time.Even better than that they have been great ambassadors of the sport in our town. When most towns are turning their backs on all things motorcycle the Green Marblers bring nothing but smiles in Three Springs. Many thanks from the Carltons.

Rocket's Loop is open for practice every weekend except on the above event dates.