Fortune Favors the Bold! Ride the Rocket!

Rocket Fuel

Rocket is open every weekend the weather is good. For weekday rides, give Mark a call at 814 448 2701. For current conditions and updates, click the Facebook link.

Rocket Raceway MX track is a natural dirt, 1.5 mile European style motocross track, with lots of elevation changes. Its considered an old school MX track with lots of jumps and plenty of sections to open up your bike and get on the pipe. We groom (and water if necessary) for all our weekend practice sessions. We hold an open practice the day before every race. "A cross between Unadilla and Budds Creek" - Thumper Talk, August 2002

Camping at Rocket is primitive but beautiful! Contained fires are allowed as well as dogs but you must keep both under control! We welcome campers for racing or practice weekends..

Rocket is open for practice every weekend we're not having and event from 10 till 5. Weekday rides by appointment (just call a day or two before you want to ride) Private track rentals available.

While Rocket is known for its MX track the woods loop is every bit as top notch. We have added property to the loop extending its length from years past. None of this great HS track would be possible without the work and dedication over the years from the GMER/ECEA guys and gals.Their tireless efforts to cut new trails and maintain the old have produced a first rate loop. The club won Enduro of the year in 2015 and are looking for a repeat in 2016. Links to HS/Enduro clubs on the HS schedule page.

Last but not least i want to toot our horn about the Satellite(beginner) track. It's a mini main track, lot's of elevation changes sprinkled with table tops, singles and off camber turns. Everything young riders need to hone their skills.

Folks, if you're coming to Rocket from 475 North and you miss the first left turn, your GPS may send you to McKinleyville Rd . DON'T TAKE IT!!! The road is EXTREMELY POOR and there is almost no way to get turned around once down at the bottom. Turn around and follow the directions on the direction side bar.